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Why should I use OniTeck?

Firstly, there are many web site design companies on the market but we have found from customer feedback that many of them charge hidden extras for updating the site content and releasing the access codes so that you can maintain the site yourself, we do not do that.

Secondly, we continue to support the web site after it is complete and periodically make changes for search engine optimisation.

Finally, we believe that we are genuinely good value for money.

Do I need a web site?

There is little doubt that all businesses however small or diverse can benefit from a web presence. Many studies have shown that the first port of call in looking for a product or service is now the Internet or global market place. Consider your own actions when looking for something new or the best deal.

Don’t forget that you can also use a web site for other non business, non profit reasons such as a clubs, special events or personal information.

I already have a web site but I’m not happy with it, what can I do?

Surprisingly, we have a significant amount of clients with exactly this problem, whether the design is not quite as planned, the site is not ranking very well or the designer has simply disappeared. We can build a brand new web site based on your existing design that way we can totally control the content and optimisation. You may have access to some of the initial design data which will speed the process.

Once the new site is complete, we over write the old site using the upload codes which you should have, if not your previous designer is obliged to release them to you. In the event that the previous designer refuses to release the codes free of charge (this happens more often that you might think) then unfortunately the only option is to purchase a new domain.

How long does the design take?

Depending on the complexity obviously but we will normally have something for you to view and feedback on in a few days.

How do I feedback to you on the site design?

OniTeck use a dummy site to which we upload the work  in progress so that you can view and provide feedback. Once you are happy, we will upload to the real address, sooner rather than later as the search engines will only start to rank the site once it is uploaded. Depending on the design, we may upload a partially completed site just to get the rankings started.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

This is a little of a black art and involves ensuring that the web site is designed and maintained to make it attractive to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Without going into technical detail, the flashiest, quickest, most expensive site gives no guarantee of appearing anywhere on the search listings.

Optimisation involves the initial design and then the monitoring and modifying to maintain listing status.

Also having any other high ranking and reputable sites linking to your new site helps improve search engine rankings.

Why does my site not appear on the search engines?

As explained in the previous question, a web site must be optimised for the search engines to rank it. The better the optimisation, the higher the ranking.

Also note the there is a time delay between making changes to a web site and how the change propagates through to the ranking, this can be many days or weeks as the search engines analyse the changes and build the results databases. It is an ongoing process to keep a web site high in the search engine results.

Can I have any Web site address?

We can provide you with any web site address or URL which is not currently being used or we can transfer one which you may already own. The cost depends on the exclusivity of the URL, the extension required (.com, .co.uk etc) and the number of years required. We can perform a test very quickly to get the current availability of URL’s and prices.

How do I update content such as price lists?

The easiest way for you to update content which changes periodically is to send it to us as a document. We will then convert and update the web site. For infrequent changes there is no charge. The other option is for you to change the web site yourself.

How can I tell if people are using my site?

We will monitor the site visits through tools available to us, we use this information to test the optimisation and to determine whether your visits are coming from referrals (from other sites), direct traffic (people typing in your address) or search engines. These tools are also available to yourselves and if required we can also use visit counters. Finally, you will know quite quickly from customer feedback how many visits you are getting.

What if I don’t have a logo?

We have the software tools and expertise to help you design a logo, or if in the course of your business or hobby, you get flyers or business cards designed then we can use the detail from them.

How does the email work?

We can provide you with an email address relevant to your new web site e.g. myname@thenewwebsite.com. This is a POP3 email and can be accessed by various programs such as Microsoft Outlook. If you don’t have the ability to use POP3 mail then we can provide a webmail facility, thenewwebsite/webmail.

Alternatively, if you have an existing email address which you access through a web site such as GMAIL then it is often a better option to use this existing email instead or obtain another free web based relevant one so you can access the mail through a familiar software interface.

Can I send you photographs?

Yes, we can incorporate any photographs or graphic images. They often have to be edited or have the format changed to suit a web site but this is something that we will do. If they are not available in electronic format, then they can be scanned in but the quality is not likely to be as high.

How much ‘stuff’ can I put on my site?

This depends on the type or ‘stuff’ or content. We provide a base package which has up to 10M byte available which is sufficient for the majority of customers. Adding a lot of high resolution photographic content or video can eat into the space. If we need more storage then we would move from the 10M package (which effectively includes free hosting) to a ‘hosting’ package which starts with 10GB of storage.

Can I include video and sound?

Yes, we can design sites to include video, sound and flash animation and the majority of web site facilities currently available. Depending on complexity, this may effect the package price.

Can I manage my own content?

We can provide a facility where you can update your own content. This will be article based where articles can be categorised, created, edited, deleted and arranged into categories. Site visitors can comment on and rate any article.

Can visitors to my site send me information?

Yes, we can provide forms to allow your visitors to send you various types of data including attachments.

Can my customer’s place orders on my site?

Yes, e-commerce tools and payment methods such as PayPal. Depending on complexity, this may effect the package price.